Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Love It! From my Friends at Punk Rope

I'm totally reposting from the Punk Rope newsletter!

Today's CrossFit workout is the following: 25 Squats, 25 Push-ups, 25 Pull-ups, 25 Sit-ups, 50 Squats, 50 Push-ups, 50 Pull-ups, 50 Sit-ups, 75 Squats, 75 Push-ups, 75 Pull-ups, 75 Sit-ups. Ready, set, go!

Now I have great respect for CrossFit and I'm all for folks getting in better shape, but seriously people. To me, the above workout spells injury with a capital I, even for the super fit. Your Punk Rope alternative, which is borrowed from our 1960s class is below. If nothing else, it's a lot sexier.

Drill: The StripperSong: The Stripper by David Rose from Tease: The Beat of Burlesque (1:53)

How to do it: The drill alternates basic squats, plie squats, and squat pulses (with hip shakes). Wear something that makes you feel GOOD about yourself.
:00-:10 Basic squat
:10-:41 Alternate basic squats with plie squats (feet turned out, hips externally rotated)
:42-:56 Pulse in a basic squat and toss your hips side to side as you desire
:57-1:15 Alternate basic and plie squats as above
1:16-1:32 Pulse in a plie squat and hippy shake as above
1:33-end Alternate squats as above.

To increase the intensity: add external resistance, such as a dumbbell, body bar, or barbell, or have one of your CrossFit friends jump on your back.

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