Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday! of a holiday week

Today's workout is 20 minutes of cardio followed immediately by the weight workout for team fierce and fabulous you are doing another 15 minutes of cardio after the weights!

Team fun, you're doing cardio then weights.

Rock on! Keep strong this week of feasting festivities, remember it's all about balance. Keep things in moderation and you can enjoy a little bit of everything!

Post weekend update

The Y training on Saturday morning was fun! I still smell like chlorine, gotta love "public" pools and killing germs.

Sunday's 8K, not as good as it could have been for me. My hamstring was acting up with about 2 miles to go and the last half mile, I had to take a walking break because it kind of felt like my hamstring was trying to hatch an egg.. owie... Lots of stretching and water and it's starting to feel better. Jellybell and Sadielicious had a great run. Jellybell always seems to amaze me with her crazy amount of energy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday!! TGIF

Today will end up being a cardio only day as I've visitors tonight. My parents are coming to my house.

Which is ok by me. It's good to have good life balance!

I'm looking forward to the Team workout tomorrow morning, I'm so excited for the aqua jogging class.

Sunday is the Rothman 8K.

Ok so all caught up!


phew, almost have my week caught up!

Last night I did 30 minutes on the elliptical at a pretty fast pace. It felt great! I did some core work afterwards then I ran for my train to head home.


Photo shoot day!

Lots of holding poises. Which made for some sore muscles! But it was great! I can't wait to see the finished products!

So after the shoot I went into work which threw off my schedule for the afternoon. I ended up not having much time at the end of the day, so 20 minute cardio interval for me, on the elliptical.


hmmm... well, Tuesday became an unexpected day off from training. I was supposed to go to the Circus school for my aerials class, but found myself still at my desk at 6:50 PM... So I went home and pretty much feel asleep instantly.


Monday I just did a half hour of cardio on the Arc Runner. I was feeling a bit sore from the Sunday workout.

But it was a good half hour!

Sunday's training

Sunday wasn't as written in the training book. It went like this....
A shared aerials lesson, we spent all of the time on Fabric and rope. Then I did some conditioning afterwards, sit-ups on the bar, straddle ups on the rope. All good!!

Oh, and we had a really great hip/back stretch too!

Then I mowed and racked my yard. I think that counts as something!

GOTR Run for Savanah

The Run was really fun. I jetted off to DE just after our Team workout at the Y. Made it there with about 3 minutes to spare to the start.

sadielicious and jellybell were already there, so it was like having a pit crew! I showed up chip was put on shoe and number pinned on! whoosh!

Then we started. Lots of kids which was great! Sadielicious has re-named the race to the bob-n-weave. Kids have 2 speeds, running like the wind or dead stop in front of you.

But it was so great to see the kids running/walking with their parents and friends.

Wow.. slacking on my posting

Ok I'll do my updates!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Saturday's 5K in honor of Savanah

Girls on the Run (GOTR) New Castle County is honoring our angel, Savannah Pauley, by dedicating the Fall 5K to her and making the theme, “SAVANNAHSTRONG”.

I only knew Savanah for a short time but what an extraordinary girl. Here is the article about Savanah by GOTR Savanahstrong

Keeping it close to home

Today I'm off from work. But I refused to laze the day away!

I did my cardio and weights at home. I trudged into the basement and dusted off the ol' concept2, realized one the batteries had sort of exploded in the monitor. So cleaned that up put in new batteries (and a load of laundry since I'm in the basement with the washer and dryer) and away I rowed. 20 minutes steady state, I took this one easy since last night I pushed it on the Arc runner, and I'm running a 5K tomorrow. So Kept my split time at 2:30 and my spms at about 28-29.

Then up to the living room for the weight program. The stability ball on the hardwood floor added a little more roll to deal with, but it was fun. AND I got to watch the today show while working out! Bonus :)

So I don't own a bosu, so I took off my sneaks and used a chair cushion.. It worked in the pinch, not sure if I'd recommend it though.

Then stretched..

Getting ready to head to my chiropractor, just need a tune up. And getting ready for the weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cardio day!! Rocked it out on the arc runner. Don't forget to stretch! I prefer awesome stretches after a workout when the muscles are warmed up.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just realized.. ONE week to my photo shoot! No crappy carbs or sugar at all for the next week!! Also means you'll see my cardio going nuts! (Only for a week)


For most (if you're following the calendar) Tuesday was a day "off" which means REST. Rest is important in the cycle of training. A Day "off" gives your body and mind a chance to heal. Feeling sore after working out is also fairly common. Muscle soreness is caused by damage to the muscle fibers themselves. Which is what is needed to increase muscle strength. So taking a day off to rest helps to allow your muscles to rebuild and recover and helps to prevent injury.

This is also why it is best to have at the very least 24 hours in between weight workouts, I suggest 48 hours in between working muscle groups. And be sure to get a good nights sleep!

So with all that said... I had my Circus School "workout" last night. We worked mostly on the fabric and the rope. So lots of climbing and gripping. At the end of each class we do "conditioning", last nights conditioning was pull-ups on the rope/fabric, followed by 15 burpees, and then handstands (on the wall for me).

Monday, November 9, 2009

Note to self

Don't kick innocent person while falling off the bosu!! :)

Ok.. so not the full start I had hoped for, I've an old injury to my hip that's been flaring up so my cardio was not as intense as I usually like it to be. But I powered through and did the back to back cardio, weights, cardio.

Followed by a lunch of baked chicken with a low-fat low sodium BBQ sauce, yes they do exist! Brown rice and spinach. YUM!

My SD training Starts TODAY

I'm headed to the gym at lunch time to do my winter training. I'm going to be following the Team Fierce Plan... for the most part! You will see modifications and additions to the training that I do, because I also train for Runs and Aerials.

Lets rock the gym this winter so we can Rock the boat next summer!