Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've started my 2 1/2 week work trip. I'm determined to eat well! Today's take out lunch, veggie quiche, packed with spinach! Resistance band is packed too!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Updates will start again soon! Work is interfering with gym time! Posts coming soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Row, row your erg gently down... Yeah.. Right, row the heck out of it! :) Paddles up! Cardio the cold temps away!

Monday, January 4

Workout at the Y tonight. Of course all the "resolutioners" are there now, so the gym is a little more crowded than usual. Which is all good!

I was excited to see people coming to workout together. There was a Mom and Daughter duo, daughter was a tween, and Mom did an awesome job keeping her engaged and encouraged. There was a Dad and Son duo, the Son was a teenager, I'd say probably 14ish, but tall and lanky, which often makes it harder for boys to feel confident when working out, but he was showing his dad up on the machines. And dad was loving every moment of it, you could see his pride and love. It was great! Then there was the couple a woman and guy probably about my age. She was keeping her fit bo' in line and moving!! Rock on girlie!!

So! It's a new year! And a new month.... That means.. New weights/resistance program. So far I think this one is my favorite combo. I like them all, but some strike me as more fun :)

Keep rocking it out! We're now getting close to spring!! (Although the wind chill would like us to think otherwise)

Saturday, January 2

SDs Rock!! Thanks for the fun workout gang! It was great to laugh AND work together this morning.

Don't fret about testing this coming Saturday. If everyone tries their best, and you are true to working out, and truly try your best you'll do fine. Look at this first one as a Practice run. You'll have a second chance in March as well you can pull aside one of us coachly types and test at any time.

The team USA Time Trials were and will always be the most nerve wracking thing I've ever did. I could have the plan perfectly laid out in my head and as soon as I got in that OC, I was "what the heck am I doing!", but I mentally focused and pushed forward. This past summer even though I was only there to cheer on folks, I still had sweaty palms.

After our workout, I taught my Punk Rope class. I had 2 people. This is a new class for the Y, but look out gals.. They were PFP!! and because there was only 2 people in the class they worked that much harder than if it were a full class, there's more rest time when there are more people.

Paddles Up! Rock on SDs!!