Friday, November 13, 2009

Keeping it close to home

Today I'm off from work. But I refused to laze the day away!

I did my cardio and weights at home. I trudged into the basement and dusted off the ol' concept2, realized one the batteries had sort of exploded in the monitor. So cleaned that up put in new batteries (and a load of laundry since I'm in the basement with the washer and dryer) and away I rowed. 20 minutes steady state, I took this one easy since last night I pushed it on the Arc runner, and I'm running a 5K tomorrow. So Kept my split time at 2:30 and my spms at about 28-29.

Then up to the living room for the weight program. The stability ball on the hardwood floor added a little more roll to deal with, but it was fun. AND I got to watch the today show while working out! Bonus :)

So I don't own a bosu, so I took off my sneaks and used a chair cushion.. It worked in the pinch, not sure if I'd recommend it though.

Then stretched..

Getting ready to head to my chiropractor, just need a tune up. And getting ready for the weekend!

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