Thursday, February 18, 2010

Focus on Foundation

This week I've been focusing on building up/back my foundation.

Between life and work, it had been 4 weeks away from Aerials. Ouch. My feet took forever to build up "toughness" and now they are all ripped up again. Not to mention I felt like an absolute beginner again! It amazes me how hard we work to make progress and how fast it diminshes. But it should come back fairly quickly.

I'm working on a rope routine. Why? Because rope is incredibly hard for me and my whacked out knees. Bring on the challenge!

So, after aerials on sunday (and did I mention I feel boarderline of cold?). Monday I hit the gym. Felt great but it was a hard 30 mins of cardio for me. Need to focus! I think I just get board but - also felt tired on Monday.

Tuesday, wowzers, I am away of my core! Between aerials and the core workout I did on Monday. Good thing it was Yoga day! Getting noticibly more flexible! Yay! And closer to an awesome handstand.

Wednesday, still working on my foundation so I hit my bike trainer while watching highlights from the Olympics. Still trying to master the trainer!

Today. Hitting the gym again. Working to keep on target for spring and boats back on the water and a kickass rope routine!

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