Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Warrior

My foundation aka core, had a beating this weekend! I went snowboarding on Saturday with Sadielicious. We started out on the magic carpet hill together, that's my speed. This was my 3rd time out on a snowboard. Then I went in to get a snack as I was bordering Hangry... and i had a private lesson scheduled for 1 pm.. So snack time it was for me.

Sadielicious went up to the big girl hill. I met my instructor Kent. Nice guy, a little older, I guess since I'm not chippie any more I get the little older instructor... We went up the lift for the beginner slop. I fell off the lift... but remembered to duck! We made it halfway down the hill, with me falling every 2 feet or so... I'm sitting in the snow and Kent asks me if I'm left handed.. Well, I do everything except write left handed. He asked if I minded if he made an adjustment to my bindings. pulled out my right boot, he set me for riding duck. I stood up and went half way down the hill, then because I've gone faster and farther than ever, I got a little anxious and bailed... but wow what a difference.. so I learned that I ride goofy.. kind of fitting eh?

Back to the top fall off the lift yet again. This time I made it 2 inches farther off the lift before I fell... worked on falling leaf, and turns. Did tons better riding goofy! Just need to work on getting my toes and heels to work independent of each other!

Sunday, alarm goes off at 7:30.. ugh.. up and at em! Headed to Wawa, for coffee and protein plate (I've no food in my house at the moment). Headed to Singular Strength for aerials with JED513. Goal is to get at least 3 moves on rope. I have a love/hate relationship with rope. I love it for the condition aspects of it, and those who are really good at ropes look great.

I hate rope, because I struggle with it. My knees and their weird hyper-extensiveness, coupled with my weird hip issues from the knees equals, knees are not fans of holding my weight...

But that's part of the challenge and fun of putting together a rope routine, right!?

After that I conditioned and I added on to my conditioning, the catchers hang, JED513 pull-up... I may have to add a weighted back pack to JED513! But I did get a round of applause! HA! My new show, lifting people/things from catchers?

But between the two days of using my core for most things, I'm a wee bit sore today! All good though.

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