Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Snow here!

So I'm still in Phoenix missing the 2nd of the big snows! There could potentially be close to 4 feet of snow piled up! Geesh.

It's 64 here today. Expecting some rain showers tomorrow.

So I'm missing out on the shoveling and sledding workouts! But I have been pretty good about getting to the gym here. Except now that the attendees have arrived and my days start at 5:30 AM... The gym sadly starts to take a back burner.

I also have been in charge of tracking all the training materials coming in for this meeting. So I'm getting the workout of 250 boxes! Not all at once but split over the last couple days. I'm feeling it today. My rotator-cuff in my right shoulder is not happy. I've an old injury to that shoulder that acts up now and again. Apparently it's now or again for it.

I'm loving the warmer weather, and the sunrises.

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