Thursday, December 31, 2009

catching up from the holiday week!

So I left off at Tuesday, Dec 22nd. I flaked out on cardio... meant to go at lunch but didn't make it. Tuesday night was aerials at the circus school, since it was the last night of the session it's "traditionally" doubles night. YAY! I love basing for doubles trapeze.

Thursday, Christmas eve day. Awesome workout with Lourdes and Tracey. Dance meets aerials conditioning. We met a little after 10 AM and I headed home at about 1 PM. Great workout. I'm "stealing" the ballet sit-ups! The great part about what Lourdes put together is that it focused a lot on fine tuning basic technique that is often faked through and is not noticed. This meant the conditioning parts were slow and controlled. After the workout we tried to diagnose some of my lower body weird wiring. First up, Bird hang, so it seems that my tight hip flexors may be the cause, I have to bend my knee, otherwise my leg bends on it's own. The next piece of that is the tight hips and the "weak" hamstrings, makes it really hard to hang so I have to assist by holding my leg which is painful for my hip... so working on this. Next thing looked at single ankle hangs on the rope. I think this is directly related to my weak inner hamstrings, my feet flare out which allows the rope to not stay at my ankle and then I'm caught on my pinky toe and well, that just doesn't hold me up!

Christmas and the weekend. Well between travel and then feeling ill.... my workouts were squished. Very sad, but Saturday morning I woke up queasy and the room was spinning! Had I been drinking I would have understood, but not the case, so I'm not sure if it was from the food, my sinus headache or some flu symptoms but it was not fun!

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