Friday, December 11, 2009


Wow, another crazy week with lots of work stress. Just lots of deadlines. But so far so good!

Last evening I met Jed513 for our yoga session. I still need to get my shoulders out of my ears! But that may be directly related to what I just wrote about! Stress! I have what I deemed as atlas syndrome, I try to carry the world on my shoulders. Thank goodness they're fairly broad! ;)

Yoga is so good for me! I'm feeling better through my hips and lower back, although I'm still tight and did fall over once.. was lying on my side so not too far. Jed513 did a fantastic roll over, trying to push a pretzel like stretch. I went from looking at her back to being eye to eye. I have a feeling that accidental move will be turned into a trapeze trick...

Did the elliptical for my cardio Thursday not quite to the intensity that I wanted but there's only so many hours in the day!

Today is supposed to be a cardio and weights day, but since I over slept this morning... it is now my day off! I'll be working out after the team workout tomorrow. So all good!

Tomorrow's team workout is "scorecard" circuits. You have a list to choose from... then execute them! Look out as Aimers and I will be right there doing them with you!!

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