Monday, December 7, 2009

Muddling through

I had my workout yesterday morning with my Aerials coach. I started out like gang-busters feeling awesome..then it was like someone just turned off my lower body's capacity to have any strength. SOOOoooo frustrating! I'm trying with all my might to pinch the fabric under my knee and my body just wasn't doing it... stupid hyper-extensive knees... ugh.. so I tried to not "head-game" myself out of what was really a productive session. I accomplished a few "tricks" that I couldn't complete before.

I really need to start looking at my progress in comparison to me and my capabilities and really be ok with the fact that I'm not a rock star...BUT I am getting better and stronger at the pace that works with my body.

Last week was also a crappy week for me in the way that I didn't really eat properly and I'm stressing myself out with work. So this weekend. I took my "traditional" list and trudged to Trader Joe's in the snow. I love driving in the snow.. I really do!

Anyway, my fridge is now filled again with fresh fruits, veggies and lean meats. I also picked up healthy snacks since it "tis the season" for treats arriving in the office. I'm going to reach for my yogurt with fresh berries or my apple with peanut butter.. LOVE skippy natural! And my snack drawer has almonds easily assessable. So those decadent chocolaty treats won't be as tempting!

I cooked up some chicken breast last night and packed my lunches for the week, so I've no excuse to order in Chinese!!

It's amazing how much food effects my mood, energy levels and constant cravings!

So today is Monday, and I'm going to make it a better week than last!! Off to the gym tonight!

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