Monday, December 21, 2009

Thursday, December 17

Yoga Day!

I'm learning to actually relax a little bit more, which helps. My shoulders were not in my ears as much! Yay. Lots of great stuff tonight! My hamstrings were working! And I definitely need that work!

We ended the session by working on headstands. If you know me and have seen me work on handstands, you'll know that I have no awareness of where my hips are in relationship to my body. I generally end up in a bit of a pike position and in my head I think I'm upright and then I fall over....

I got into a headstand on my own and for the most part controlled! Took a few tries though. The funniest was when I started with my head on the mat and my feet on a bench. I got up into the headstand but when I came out of it... well the best description is jed513's."you look like my dog when I had to jam on my brakes in the car and his front paws were on the floor and his butt was still on the seat".

Yep, kind of felt like that too! But then my last try I did it all on my own, no help, no bench, even got an exclamation of surprise and excitement from jed513.

Good class

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