Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend Warrior.. not so much :)

Saturday mornings workout was fun! Love circuits and love watching everyone go at their pace and seeing which way you all chose to go! Awesome work!

Sunday morning, after battling the traffic gods and mother nature. I made it to my aerials class in DE. Poor jed513 caught the wave of my frustrations.. I swear the angry looks weren't at her! Need to simplify a few things in my life once again. Stress be gone!!

Although, I think it's also a bit of my fighting the creeping crud. After my session I went home and actually slept the rest of the day and had a headache. I ended up getting up off the couch at like 8 pm and going to bed. A little congested these days.. and still working on my cranky-ness.

Jed513 I promise it'll be gone by Thursday!

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