Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21

Winter Solstice! Yay, daylight begins to return! Hopefully that helps me to get a little more motivated again!

I turned in my lunch time to get my workout in today. So I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted to, only an hour, but I made my time QUALITY. Like I mentioned in my e-mail today to the team; with the craziness of the holidays, it's hard to balance it all! I for one have lots of things to get ready for Christmas (like finish shopping). So my lunch workout consisted of 20 minutes on the elliptical, at about a 10 min mile pace. Then I did a modified weight workout (this one was focused more toward trapeze). I did 3 sets of ten assisted pull ups (I first did as many as I could on my own which was 5...), I love the pull-up machine at my center city gym, it's set up so that you're comfortably kneeling on the assist part which helps to keep my body in a more natural form. Then I did 3 sets of 15, lateral raises on a bench, I dropped my weight down a little bit to 35lbs, I was going for more control and form. Followed by skull crushers on the bench. Then over to the roman chair. 3 sets of 15, first set straight leg raises, middle set, L-side, center, R-side, center, and the last set was back to straight leg raises. When I first saw the roman chair at the CC gym, I was in LOVE, it's an awesome idea, a bosu ball is what your back is against, so it works for people of all heights fairly well. However, I find that I slide down slowly and then it's at weird spot and that bothers my lower back... I'm going to play around with a towel over the bosu to see it that helps.

Then it was a quick shower and back to the office and lunch at my desk, I had some awesome soup, thanks to Jeanne Jones of Jeanne Jones Co. She's a friend and an awesome personal chef and caterer. I got soup and muffins for my Christmas greeting. Yummy!!!

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